A system of exercises helping to improve Core Strength, Stability, Posture & Body Awareness.

Designed by Joseph Pilates in 1926, this series of strength & Core exercises,

can be taught either one-to-one or in a group environment.


I have over 10 years experience teaching Pilates at various levels.  My hands on

approach uses continuous correction of movement, technique & breathing and

takes my original training at the Pilates Institute, London to another level.

Pilates can benefit everyone by increasing Core Strength and improving posture.

Pilates is also beneficial as a remedial exercise routine, assisting recovery

and reducing risk of injury.  


Regular sessions can help you to improve:

Lower back - Strengthen this key area, backbone of your posture.

Flexibility & Mobility - Keep stiff joints and tight muscles at bay.

Strengthen, Lengthen & Tone - Acheive long, lean muscles.

Body control and awareness - Know your body better.

Core Strength - Flatten those abs forever!

Posture - Stand tall, look good.


Classes now running in Bourne End - Monday 11.00 & Tuesday 10.00